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Time and time again Serious Stereo is considered best sound by respected audiophiles.  Why? We take sound reproduction very seriously. To reach the standards we set for ourselves-- there's simply no other way.

 We design amplifiers to be simple, adjustment-free, sound great, and last through several lifetimes. They truly are hand-built perfection.  You will find these qualities in all that we do or build.

Music can only take us to emotional heights if the system can sound lifelike-- get out of the way of music. Now you can have that "juicy", live, "it's right here" performance in your home. With our very special amplifiers, standard-setting point-source, dynamic, lifelike speakers, and our virtually lossless attenuators, musical reality is no longer a catch-phrase. It is for real, and you will have it with Serious Stereo equipment. Want to know more? See the reviews section including Stephaens Best Sound Of RMAF 2005, where he details the system for you.

Enjoy our website. In these pages you'll find very special quality Single Ended Triode amplifiers, superb attenuators, and a very serious transmission-line, high efficiency speaker that combined will fulfill your lifelong quest for home audio perfection.

E-mail or call us anytime. Leave a message anytime. If leaving a message, give your schedule, and we'll contact you. 1-406-222-9229.

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